OnePlus 7T — Still the Best of 7’s?

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Hello geeks,

Remember the OnePlus 7T? This article is going to be my long-term review of it. Being a OnePlus 7T user for almost a year, I feel I am eligible enough to review it.

So well to give you a brief recap, OnePlus released its flagship series named “OnePlus 7 Series” in 2019. It initially started with OP7 and 7Pro. Later in the month of September, it released the “T” version of the OnePlus 7 series

For several years now OnePlus is known for delivering Flagship phones at an affordable price to its consumers competing with the top-notch companies in its segment with the likes of Apple, Samsung, etc.
It was the same story with OnePlus 7T too. Providing most of the flagship features and yet quoting a consumer-friendly price made it a go-to phone for the year 2019–2020.

It indeed was a huge success and was capable of grabbing everyone’s attention.
But did it stand the test of time? Let’s find out!

My Personal Experience /Review

Frankly speaking, I was a bit late to get my hands on to the OP 7T. I bought it in the month of June 2020. Coming from a non-flagship phone to a flagship phone was a dream come true to me 😅. Even though it was launched in 2019 it gave a very strong competition to other phones at the same price segment!

Before moving on with the review let’s see the Specifications

credits: Oneplus

I would be reviewing the phone on these parameters

1. Design/Build Quality

2. Display, Face ID, Fingerprint

3. Battery

4. Camera

5. Performance

6. User Experience

So, let’s dive into it!

Design/Build Quality

No area was compromised in terms of Design and Built Quality.
I’m a huge fan of the glossy glass back. Camera Design reminded me of the earlier Moto-G Phones (Nostalgic).
But due to the Glossy Glass, it does Slip many a time and a Sturdy Case is a must for protecting the Glass!
The huge Camera Bump at back does irritate me but choosing a good case can solve the issue.
The slider gave on the side (for silent, vibrate mode, etc) is so satisfying to play with. All the buttons are sturdy and well-built and will surely long last

So, I would like to give Design/Build Quality a 9.5/10.


If you remember OP 7T was one of the first phones to give a solid 90Hz fluid Display in 2019

This 90Hz Refresh Rate is butter smooth and I am thankful to have experienced it. Yet I tried to switch to the 60Hz due to battery concerns but couldn’t bear the sluggish scrolling it offered and switched back to 90 Hz within a minute. It is indeed an addiction (in a good way).

However, the teardrop camera at the middle didn’t bother me much as I was coming from Oppo A3s which had a much bigger notch on the oppo A3s.
Fingerprint Scanner works seamlessly 95% but sometimes it takes around 10 s to recognize with wet fingers. Whereas Face-ID is the best compared to other phones; hands down, it almost takes no time to unlock which puts privacy at risk, hence I prefer using a fingerprint, to be honest

So to summarize it I would give a 9/10 in terms of Display, Face ID and Fingerprint


I felt OnePlus failed at providing the Best SOT. Initially, I used to get around 5.5–6hrs without a 90Hz display. But at 90Hz my SOT has fallen down to 4.5hrs -5hrs on avg. Even though it comes with a 3800mah battery it doesn’t optimize the apps pretty well even though there is a specific option for enabling it:(
However, with the superfast 30W charger it charges 15–80% in 45mins but my concerns lie on the battery health.
It is good to be aware that OP7T does have heating issues once in a while. Once while using on a scorching afternoon, it gave a prompt saying the battery has crossed 50C and will shut down to cool down the phone.
I hope OnePlus addresses this matter through future updates (Android 11 update).

I would probably give a 6.5/10


Frankly speaking, I am not huge of a photographer. But I take Photos once in a while. For many years OP has lacked in the camera department. It’s probably their weakness. OP7T is not a different story either. However, it takes great nightscape photos but struggles in ultrawide mode. It wasn’t able to capture the colors accurately.

The highlight is the macro shots; they are just mindboggling to me. They never disappointed me.
So if you are a part-time photographer like then the camera will do wonders else you won’t be satisfied with the quality.

I would rate 8.5/10


It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 885 Plus which is Beast in itself. Yes! It is not the latest yet not the mediocre one too!

It handles all daily tasks like scrolling Instagram, Checking your emails, Messaging on WhatsApp, etc. However, if you try to play high-intensity games like COD or PUBG it does heat up quite a lot and can harm the battery in the long term.
I would rate it an 8/10

User Experience

Well, OnePlus is famous for its Oxygen OS which is very near to stock Android. Coming from Colour OS It was very satisfying to use the OxygenOS.
It has almost all features as that of the Stock android except Always on Display (AOD) which has been added to Oxygen OS 11.
Coming to Android updates OnePlus guarantees two-year Android updates

I received the OP7T in OxygenOS 10 or Android 10 and will probably be eligible for Android 12. OnePlus has finally released the official Android 11 update recently. It was a much-needed update that solved most of the problems that came with Android 10.

I would probably rate an 8.5/10

My Final Verdict:

Even though it was released in the year 2019 it still holds the go-to phone in my opinion, provided if you are not too concerned with the battery and camera quality.

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